Oak - Shumard Red

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Height: 40+ feet

Spread: 30-40 feet

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Full Sun

A stately tall shade tree with an attractive broadly pyramidal habit of growth, deeply cut leaves and good fall color; extremely adaptable to wet or dry soils, great for creating vertical interest or as a street tree; best in acidic soils, needs full sun.

Foliage develops brilliant red to orange colors in the fall. Shumard Oak is an outstanding shade tree for the long haul- it will give you many years of superb service, providing cooling shade in the summer, outstanding fall color, and a distinctive, statuesque form in the winter landscape.

Size 30 Gallon

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Important Info

Please remember that trees are living things that need care, especially when newly planted. It will be essential for you to properly water your tree to keep it healthy and happy.

Sprinkler systems are only designed to water the top few inches of soil for grass growth, and do not reach the deeper roots of a tree.

In addition, put a hose on “trickle” and leaving it is a very easy way to OVER WATER your tree. Over watering is much more detrimental then underwatering. You need to know the actual amount of water you are giving the tree in order to help it thrive.  We highly recommend using a tree watering bag to ensure you get the proper amount of water all the way to the bottom roots.  You can find a basic water guide here (PDF). Please keep in mind this is only a general guide and you will need to make adjustments as necessary for your specific tree and soil conditions.   We are here to help, so please call us with any questions or concerns.  

Installation is optional for trees and shrubs 15 gallon and larger.

– Install 15 gallon $50ea.
– Install 30-45 gallon $175ea.
– 65 gallon installation is required and included in the purchase price.

When Fossil Creek installs your tree or shrub it will include the following:

– Proper installation of the tree or shrub in the location you indicate.
– The first round of Root Stimulant to help promote root growth.
– Mulch to help retain moisture and give your tree a clean finished look.

Not included:
– Tree staking.
– This can be done for an additional fee, please contact us for details
– Removal of existing trees or shrubs.Removal of stumps.

Delivery is available up to 25 miles from our tree farm. Pricing varies by distance, and will be calculated at checkout.

Trees, shrubs and plants (over 3 gallons)

• Trees, shrubs or plants not planted by Fossil Creek are guarantee for 90 days at 50% replacement cost.

• Shrubs or plants planted by Fossil Creek are guaranteed for 1 year at 50% replacement cost, so long as a properly functioning, automatic irrigation system is present.

• Trees planted by Fossil Creek are guaranteed for 1 year at 50% replacement cost, so long as there is a tree bag or properly functioning bubbler present.

• Acts of nature (such as wind or hail damage, insect/pest infestation, etc.), lack of maintenance (such as excessive over watering or under watering), and/or conditions beyond our control will void the warranty.

• Freeze damaged trees, shrubs or plants will not be warranted.If the tree, shrub, or plant is dead when we arrive, the warranty is void.

• Any tree, shrub or plant found to be warrantable by Fossil Creek will only be replaced one time.

We are trusting you to love and care for your trees and plants. Please call, email, send pictures right away if you have questions or concerns. We want you to be a successful gardener and have a yard you enjoy making memories in!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
April Boothe
Beautiful Tree farm

Holly walked me around the trees and after explaining what I was looking for she showed me several that would work. Found this Oak Shumard Red tree and can't wait til it is planted.

Jennifer Carrasco

She was super knowledgeable and friendly!!!

Ray Lopez
Amazing place to shop

The folks here at Fossil creek Tree Farm make it easy to buy trees 🌳! They all went above and beyond explained every detail we needed in planting our own trees!

Allen Hampton
Tree review

The tree is beautiful! I hope it grows at my home for years!

Bob Hart
Red Oak Shumard

We purchased two of these trees 16 years ago from Fossil Creek Tree Farm and chose another this week to replace a live oak that finally succumbed to the freeze from two years ago. Renee was very helpful and took plenty of time for us to pick the tree we wanted.