Agave - Shark Skin

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Height: 2-3 Feet

Spread: 3-4 Feet

Hardiness Zones: 7b-10b

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Also known as the Ruth Bancroft Agave, the Sharkskin Agave has sturdy jutting grayish green leaves. It is popular as an accent planting in succulent and cacti gardens and rock gardens. They are also used as a container plant, though it will grow to be much smaller than those planted in a landscape.

Deer will ignore the Sharkskin Agave. It is also drought tolerant. It prefers dry to average moisture levels and a very well-draining soil. This plant cannot survive in standing water. It is not particular to any sort of soil, but will grow better in poor soils.
Size 2 Gallon

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