Palm Madagascar 10"

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Imagine a plant that looks like a palm tree from a distance, but like a cactus up close. That's Madagascar palm. Evolved to withstand heat, drought, and irregular water, this tropical succulent is one tough plant. And a great conversation starter for sure.


  • Light: This plant wants as much sun as you can give it—place in south, west, or unobstructed east-facing window. Direct light means 8+ hours of direct sun. Anything less, and you might want to consider a grow light. In the summer, you can put it outside in direct sunlight.
  • Water: Let the plant dry out completely between watering - water when the pot is completely dry. Make sure to plant in fast-draining soil with a drainage hole for best results. Depending on the season and light, you will need to water the plant every 2-4 weeks.

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