Save the Bees Large Flower Mix  Seeds

Save the Bees Large Flower Mix Seeds

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The flowering plants in this mix provide food for many of the over 4000 bee species in North America. With so many gorgeous flowers and tasty herbs you'll appreciate this bountiful mix as much as the bees!
Mix Includes:
1. Sweet Basil
2. Bergamot
3. Black-Eyed Susan
4. Borage
5. California Poppy
6. Catnip
7. Cilantro/Coriander
8. Coreopsis, Lance-leaved
9. Cosmos
10. Dill
11. Annual Gaillardia
12. Globe Gilia
13. Rigid Goldenrod
14. Lavender Hyssop
15. Lemon Mint
16. Purple Prairie Clover
17. Siberian Wallflower
18. Sunflower
19. Cut and Come Again Zinnia

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