Haworthia 4"

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This Haworthia has thick, dark green leaves (think tiny Aloe), but it comes with white horizontal stripes and bands on the outside of the leaves. Like a Zebra. Just like a Zebra.
These will take years to see any substantial growth - they can over time reach up to 6" inches in height and over 8" inches in diameter. They make great office plants.

  • Light: Moderately-bright indirect light. Even as a succulent, these can tolerate some lower light conditions, and even appreciate some artificial light. 
  • Water: Do not overwater, less is more. Let the soil fully dry out in between waterings. Water less during the winter months.
  • Soil: Any good tropical soil, with an added touch of sand works well. African violet potting mix is ideal. Make sure your pot has adequate drainage.  

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