Hyacinth Birdbath Jade

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Beckon feathered friends to your yard with the Hyacinth Birdbath. Fill the bath with fresh water and enjoy watching all the birds congregate near your patio, garden, deck, yard, or pool!

This high-quality birdbath features an elegant bowl color with a high-quality finish — great for adding a pop of color to your outdoor décor. It is perfect for pairing with a bird feeder to coax a variety of birds outside your window. The shallow and wide bowl assures that multiple small birds can drink and bathe safely at the same time.

The sturdy pedestal keeps the birdbath from tipping over while the ceramic construction withstands weather changes. Your yard will be the delight of humans and winged creatures alike. Birdbath measures 18" x 22" for use in yards of any size.

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