The Tool Box Grinder Set

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Just like every handyman needs a great set of tools, every cook needs a set of fresh seasonings for their kitchen. This Tool Box Grinder Set is the ultimate set of spices.  

This do-it-all set will come in handy any time there's a wrench in your dinner plans. When the "steaks" are high, reach for the Chop Shop Steak Seasoning that will help you nail those steakhouse flavors. When your regular seasoning doesn't measure up, the Desert Pepper Tequila Blend will have everyone coming back to the saloon for one more round. Dig in to your favorite veggies with the Farm House Veggie Blend and level up your Sunday dinners with the Good Fella Italian Herb. The versatile On the Rocks Bourbon Pepper will pick up the tab on everything else.


  • Set includes On the Rocks Bourbon Pepper (Net Weight 3.3 oz), Chop Chop Steak Seasoning (Net Weight 2.4 oz), Farm House Veggie Blend (Net Weight 2.4 oz), Good Fella Italian Herbs (Net Weight 2.4 oz), Desert Pepper (Net Weight 2.5 oz)
  • Shelf life: 12–24 months

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