Tropical Hibiscus - Hollywood Earth Angel

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Height: 4 feet

Spread: 5 feet

Hardiness Zones: 9-11

Full to Partial Sun

The Earth Angel™ Hollywood® Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Earth Angel,' is a semi-tropical beauty that thrives in containers or outdoors in your yard in warmer climates. It has profuse foliage that is a rich, deep, glossy green, and large white flowers that bloom throughout much of the year. Despite its diva-like looks, however, the Earth Angel is a durable and sturdy plant that is easy to grow. It needs little extra care and will thrive with regular watering and a spring application of fertilizer. The Earth Angel is part of the Hollywood® Hibiscus collection, which features long-blooming perennials in vibrant colors.

Size Quart

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