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How do you have the perfect lawn?

Do these cold days have you longing for lush green grass and summer days in the sunshine?

Us, too! Especially with these sunny warm days in Winter!

With the Texas weather being what it is, Mother Nature can easily confuse both us and our lawns. This week we’ve been bundled up in scarves and hats. Next week – swimsuit weather! This weekend the weather man forecasts three days in the 70s.

Naturally, our grass is going to think we are well past Groundhog Day and unfortunately, so will the weeds. Before you know it, they will ruining all your dreams of that lush lawn mentioned above.

While some lawn care enthusiasts will tell you to put down pre-emergent on specific annual calendar dates, our Master Gardeners will tell you – Mother Nature has no calendar.

There is a far more scientific approach to keeping your lawn weed free and feet ready. Don’t worry if you didn’t get an A in biology – the weed-prevention science is super simple, and as always, we are happy to help at Fossil Creek Tree Farm.

Are you ready to eliminate those pesky weeds from your lawn?

Keep reading for all the info and steps to follow for your perfect weed-free lawn.

Timing is Everything!

The ONE THING that you must keep in mind is when to apply a Preemergent.

Watch the weather forecast!  Mark your calendar!  Don’t be late! 

The key to applying a successful application of Preemergent is tied directly to the outside air temperature.  Weed seeds in your lawn are dormant in the winter and waiting to germinate as soon as the spring temperatures begin to warm up. 

Apply Preemergent when the daytime temperatures range between 65 and 70 degrees for four consecutive days. 

If you miss that window of opportunity, save your time and money and invest in a foliar weed killer instead.  Once you see the weeds actively growing in your yard, the Preemergent will not prevent or kill your weeds.

Preemergent Herbicides Will Not Harm Existing Plants or Turf Grasses

Preemergent herbicides are designed to inhibit the germination of weed seeds.  Existing turf grass, dormant perennials and other beneficial landscape plants will not be affected by the application.  Because these plants and grasses have existing root systems, they will continue to grow and regenerate as the warmer temperatures return.

Water After You Apply Your Preemergent

Granular Preemergent products must be watered after they are spread on your lawn!  The water process will not ‘wash away’ the product, but rather activate the herbicide instead.  This is what actually inhibits and kills the weed seeds.

Do You Have Less than 5,000 Square Feet of Lawn? 

Most Preemergent Herbicides are packaged to treat 5,000 square feet. If you have less than that, save what you do not use on your first application. 

As you well know, we may warm up for a few days and then quickly revert back to chilly temperatures.  Once we return to the warmer days, use the remainder of your Preemergent on your lawn again.  This will not harm your lawn and it will prevent any additional late germinating weeds.

Know Your Active Ingredients!

One of the most common ingredients found in Preemergent Herbicides is Dithiopyr, more commonly known as Dimension. 

As with any Lawn & Garden product, always read the label for cautions and application rates.  Most Preemergent Herbicides are for use on ornamental landscapes, established lawns and ornamental turf. 

Do Not Use on Newly Sodded Lawns.

Three Things You Need!

First, you need a trusted Preemergent Herbicide. 

Second, you need a spreader. 

Third, you need to water your lawn after the Preemergent is applied to your lawn.  (Fossil Creek Tree Farm & Nursery has Preemergent Herbicide and spreaders for sale.  If you do not want to buy a spreader, ask us about our Spreader Rental availability!) 

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

We’ll see you this weekend for your pre-emergent and we have PLENTY instock! Remember, pre-emergent is the one simple secret to having a lawn that your family enjoys and your neighbors will envy.

If you have any questions about applying pre-emergent or your lawn, don’t hesitate to ask!

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