haven (noun)

A place of safety; a refuge or sanctuary. Sounds like heaven, pronounced haven. I think of a haven as a place where God reveals himself in a way unique to me. My haven is a pair of running shoes and a country road. My husband’s haven is his guitar, the back-porch, and coffee in his favorite mug. Where is your haven?

The storefront of our garden center, affectionately known as The Haven, is perhaps one of the best kept “happy places” in the Fort Worth area! It’s personality changes with the seasons, but is always filled with hand selected treasures with you in mind.

We always have plenty of houseplants to bring color inside your home and the perfect pottery to add texture and character! Rugs, wall art, candles, and many other treasures that we hope you will find to inspire you to create a favorite “haven” of your own.

You will also find a creative selection of unique gifts, books, and candles that you can also share with your friends!

There is always coffee, a cat or two, and some great tunes…so we invite you to grab your friends and stay a while.

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