People often ask us, “when is the best time to plant a tree?” Our answer is “twenty years ago, the next best time is today!”

At Fossil Creek Tree Farm and Nursery we understand how overwhelming it can be to go “tree shopping”. It’s not something you can google a serial number and do the research without putting your eyes on the actual living product!

We are here to help!

There are many types of trees that fit a variety of projects our customers are trying to accomplish. Large Live Oak shade trees to give pets a break from the Texas sun, Magnolia trees to provide an anchor to your front yard landscape, Windmill Palm trees to create a backyard oasis, or that special Texas Traveler Redbud that is sure to make your neighbors jealous during the Spring blooming season!

At Fossil Creek Tree Farm and Nursery, we are here to help you select the perfect trees to make your landscaping dreams come true, while adding value to your property.

We welcome you to meet with one of team members to stroll our 8 acre property. We are known for our massive selection of large native shade trees, but we also carry a wide variety of ornamental and fruit trees. We stock over 3,000 trees ranging from 30 to 300 gallon, from 5 foot to “ready to climb!”