B&B Stainless Draw Hoe

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This B&B Stainless Draw Hoe features a draw hoe style head, for heavy duty weeding, cultivating and earthing up. The chopping action and sharpened cutting edge are perfect for getting tough jobs done, fast. It’s especially handy for use on the allotment, where its small head makes it ideal for weeding between rows.

The stainless steel of the head is highly resistant to rust and will stay looking good for years to come. A strong leather cord allows the draw hoe to be hung up tidily when not in use.

A long, lightweight handle in FSC®-certified hardwood allows the tool to be comfortably used while standing, to eliminate bending and stooping.


  • Handle: FSC®-certified hardwood
  • Head: stainless steel
  • Head dimensions 3.54" wide x 3.54" high
  • Overall length 57.48"

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