Life Is Golden

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You’ve seen adventure –– but never like this. In this heartwarming book, readers are taken on a journey with author Andrew Muse, and Kicker, his beloved adventure dog, as they travel the world and bring an exciting perspective to the idea of “man and best friend.” Experience their incredible bond through breathtaking images of their journey. Whether they’re paragliding down snow-covered mountains, exploring vast ice caves, kite surfing some big ocean waves, rafting down the Colorado River, or rappelling off high mountain cliffs, their bond is unbreakable and their story is one of a kind. Life is Golden is the perfect book for dog lovers of all ages and shows the intelligence, bravery, and loyalty that dogs are praised for encompassing. Kicker the golden retriever and his human, Andrew, inspire readers of this book to chase their dreams, fall in love with life, and treat every day as an adventure!


  • Hardcover 144 pages 

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