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Top Tips for Fall Indoor Plants

Proper light levels are crucial for the growth of indoor plants. During the fall and winter, the days are shorter, and the natural light available to your plants may not be sufficient. Therefore, it's essential to pay close attention to the natural light your plants receive and move them around accordingly. You can also add a grow light to supplement the natural light.

Watering indoor plants needs to be adjusted during the fall and winter months. As the days are shorter and the plants are not in an active growth state, they tend to need less frequent watering. It's essential to check your plant's potting mix to ensure it's dry enough before watering. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which can be fatal for your plants. Remember, each plant has different watering needs, so it's crucial to research your plants' specific requirements.

The fall and winter months tend to have drier air indoors due to heating units being turned on. This dry air can cause your plants to struggle, but you can increase the level of humidity in your home by investing in a humidifier, moisture trays, or a mister. This will ensure your plants stay healthy and vibrant.

Foliage growth slows down considerably during the fall and winter months, so you can pause fertilizing until next spring. The plant's energy is focused on survival, not growth, during this period.

If your houseplants grew in the spring and summer, chances are they have outgrown their current pots. Repotting your plants into larger planters will give them more space to grow and thrive.

As the light levels reduce during the fall and winter months, expect some leaf loss. This is normal as the plants adjust to the season. However, if leaf loss is excessive, it may indicate a problem with watering or lighting.

Fall is an excellent time to unleash your inner interior plant designer. Add some new plants, shelves, hangers, and change things up! However, be mindful of the needs of your plants and ensure that their environment is suitable for them.

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