African Daisy - Blushing Beauty

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Height: 8-12 inches

Spread: 12-16 inches

Hardiness Zones: 9-10

Full Sun

Plant in well-drained soil.

Water regularly. Keep soil surface moist but not soggy.  

This is an impressive variety with sunny, golden-yellow petals with a light purple center for a gorgeous bicolor bloom.

Osteospermum is commonly known as African Daisy. These are wonderful plants in the daisy family with similar flower type and foliage; what sets them apart is their splendid array of colors, with some new hybrids offering uniquely shaped petals.  Easy to care for, you can enjoy their delightful colors in containers, beds, borders or wherever you want to enjoy them! Attracts pollinators and butterflies! Deer resistant.

Size 1 Gallon

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