Althea - Lil Kim White Proven Winners

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Height: 3-4 feet

Spread: 3-4 feet

Hardiness Zone: 5

Full Sun

This miniature Althea boasts dark green foliage and white flowers with showy red eyes in summer. The cuter, smaller variation of a larger Rose of Sharon, Lil Kim White is about half the size of its larger cousin. With showy soft white petals and a pink center this Althea fits in well as a shrub border. Unlike other Altheas whose buds only bloom for a single day, Lil Kim White flower buds bloom for three days at a time.

Deer resistant and fairly disease and pest free, the Lil Kim White Althea makes for a great flower. It has low to average water needs and prefers average, medium moisture in well draining soil. Prune to shape in the spring and prune back 2-3 buds in the winter for the potential of producing larger blooms.
Size 2 Gallon

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