Cleyera - Japanese

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Height: 6-8 feet

Spread: 5-6 feet

Hardiness Zones: 7-11

Full Sun to Partial Sun

This carefree, broadleaf evergreen shrub is large, but can easily be pruned to fit the space you need - and fill any niche you need it for! It can be used as a hedge, container, foundation or poolside plant. It grows to be 6-8 feet in height and can be kept smaller with pruning.

The leaves are glossy and big and start bronzy-red when they are new and mature to dark green with tints of bronze, red or purple depending on the season and the weather. Cooler weather brings out more red tints. In the summer it even blooms! The creamy-yellow flowers aren't big or showy, but they smell nice and after they're gone, orange-red holly-like berries take their place.

Size 7 Gallon

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