Onion Bundle

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We have several kinds of Onions available and packaged in a bundle.  

  • Texas Supersweet are large onions perfect for sandwiches and grilling.
  • Red Creole have spicy flesh that are good for cooking or raw in salads.
  • Yellow Granex is a crisp and sweet onion that is an amazing addition to any salad or salad dressing.
  • White Bermuda is known as a cocktail onion. Small onion with mild flavor that are great in soups and for pickling.
  • Texas Early White is a medium size onion with a sweet flavor. They work great for grilling and sauteing. 
  • Red Candy has a super mild flavor. Perfect for eating fresh. 95 days to harvest this variety.
  • Southern Belle Red is a very sweet and large variety.  Perfect for salads or garnish for any meal.  This variety is also more bolt rand disease resistant.
  • Red Sweet have a mild flavor that is not overpowering or pungent, making them highly versatile for a variety of meals where a splash of color and sweet flavor is desired. Most often used raw in salads and salsas for their color and mild flavor. 

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I had a great harvest of onions last year, so I returned to Fossil Creek Nursery and bought some more this year. They're easy to grow and delicious!