Pittosporum - Green

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Height: 8-10 feet

Spread: 8-10 feet

Hardiness Zone: 8

Full Sun to Partial Shade

This evergreen shrub matures at 10 feet tall and wide with shiny green leaves. Very fragrant white flowers in spring, which smell like citrus blossoms. Seems to thrive in sandy soil and hot, dry locations. Tolerates salt spray.

Pittosporum is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that gets very tall and open in full sun, or remains compact and full in the shade. Normally growing as tall as it gets wide, Pittosporum forms an upright round head, looking dense thanks to the leaves being whorled around the branches with a slight recurve. They are leathery to the touch, and glossy on the top while dull on underside. Small fragrant white flowers are only half an inch in diameter and appear early in the spring, then slowly turn yellow as they progress into the summer.  

Size 5 Gallon

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