Strawberry 4"

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Height: 12-18 inches

Spread: 24 inches 

Hardiness Zones: 4-8

Full Sun

Strawberry Quinalt- Herbaceous perennial spreads by runners to form mounds of dark green foliage. Small white blossoms in spring give way to sweet, red fruit in late spring through summer.

Strawberry Pretty in Rose- Many eye catching large pink flowers make this a standout in garden beds and containers. Everbearing Plants produce sweet mid-size deep red berries. Best with morning sun and afternoon shade, rich well drained soil, regular water.

Strawberry Eversweet- Specially bred for the southeastern US, ‘Eversweet’ yields continuous harvests of large, sweet strawberries throughout spring, summer and fall. Especially tasty, bright-red cone-shaped berries can be enjoyed fresh or frozen.  Well-adapted, disease-resistant plants tolerate temperatures over 100 degrees with undiminished fruit flavor and quality.

Strawberry Sequoia- Early-maturing variety! Grow your own excellent dessert-quality fruit without the wait. Medium-height plants develop vigorous runners for increased berry production. Large, glossy berries are plump and juicy with a long conic shape. Flavor is outstandingly sweet and subacid with highly pleasing aromatic qualities. Disease-resistant to leaf spot. Cold hardy. Ripens in June and may bear into fall. Self-pollinating.

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Gary L Jagours

Great quality and they are growing really good.