Wax Myrtle - Southern

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Height: 15-20 ft

Spread: 10-15 ft

Hardiness Zone: 7-10

Full Sun to Partial Sun

Very durable evergreen shrub or small tree that is widely adaptable to most any landscape situation. It has fragrant foliage that is olive green in color. Female plants will bear grayish berries. Makes a great specimen, pruned into a small tree or grown as a tall hedge. Good tolerance to drought and poor soils.

Size 7 Gallon

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful wax myrtle

We love our wax myrtle. We bought a 15 gallon and had it planted.
The bush is thriving and looks beautiful in our yard.
Fossil Creek nursery is very well organized and has a good selection.
The trees and plants all look healthy and the prices are affordable.
Customer service is lacking. That's where we were unhappy with our experience. The tree expert didn't introduce themselves or say "hi". This person made no attempt to make conversation or connect with us at all. It was all business. Furthermore this nursery is moving to a new location which we were unware of but the tree expert was quick to shame us for not knowing because we receive emails.
I could give many more examples.
At the end of the day if you don't mind the all business attitude you'll be fine.